Zyrus DRG Junket Policy Zyrus DRG JUKET


0.3-0.6% daily dividend payment is the calculation of the actual daily value of community’s demand and supply of DRAGON COIN (DRG) digital currency, income from our Junket business, Our future businesses, and the increasing value of Dragon Coin (DRG) digital currency. The profits are divided into 2 parts equally. 

The first part, 50% of the profit, is calculated for 0.3-0.6% daily dividend payment transferred to new portfolios each day. The remaining half of the profits split up between 30%for expanding the base of Junket in casinos around the world, welcoming new members and partners, and 20%to the future management expenses including personnel, system and operation development.


To return a port to the person who opened the port

All ports are valid for 90 days, after 90 days are completed.
The system will automatically buy your port back. The value of the portfolio you have opened at a fixed rate based on the amount of USD that you have opened. Which all of you do not have to worry On the fluctuation of DRG prices in the market

And reimburse you in USD value (DRG)
That you have opened the port You will then be able to re-port the DRG you have received. To receive daily dividends and income 7 additional channels or you can withdraw the DRG that the system has returned to you through the channels you want in the system


Using your portfolio as a credit for casinos or ZYRUS WORLD’s affiliated online games.

When using your portfolio as a credit, you must transfer your portfolio to those who gave you the credit. Your portfolio must not be divided under any circumstances.  You must manage your own portfolio and comply with ZYRUS WORLD’s policies and regulations. Besides that, It’s the agreement between the credit user and the credit grantor. ZYRUS WORLD does not take any responsiblity in any case.

Members, who open a portfolio with ZYRUS DRG JUNKET, can exchange their portfolio for casino credit in DRAGON COIN’s affiliates or ZYRUS WORLD and our allied online games. 90% of a portfolio value can be redeemed for credit

(Portfolio pledge) rounded down towards zero, or as stated in the policy of the affiliate who gave you a credit, or as stated in both parties’ agreement (between you and the service provider).

In case you win, the service provider will return the portfolio back to you in the same value you pledged. You may receive your winnings in DRAGON COINS or cash.

In the case that you lose, you have seven days (from the date you received the credit) to pay the value back to the service provider. The daily dividend of that portfolio earned during that time shall belong to the service provider.


To be eligible for all eight bonus levels, you must open and maintain inactive status, a portfolio with a minimum value of 100 USD.


For those affiliate members that have opened a port with Zyrus world but have yet to recommend any affiliate members under them within a period of 30 days, from the 31st day onwards, your daily dividends will be reduced by 50%. The moment that you have recommended an affiliate member under you, your daily dividends will resume to be 100% as per normal

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