Zyrus Bet Policy Zyrus Bet

When you sign up with ZYRUS WORLD and choose the SZB1-2 $10 package, you will receive at no charge, four income-generating plans. If you choose the BZB1-2 $100 package, you will receive five income-generating plans for free.

This offer is valid only with new memberships.


Package  Ways of Monetization  Credit Reach to Withdraw
SZB1 $10
4 $10 $40 $20
SZB2 $10
4 $15 $60 $30
BZB1 $100
5 $100 $400 $200
BZB2 $100
5 $150 $600 $300

With every top-up, you will receive an extra10% credit in addition to the top-up amount when you choose  ZYRUS’s  + 10% promotion (maximum value of top-up will be $ 30 per transaction) (Every Top-up will be calculated based on the value of DRAGON COIN (DRG) and currency of member’s country )

Top-up ZYRUS’s  + 10% promotion will be determined by each band owner. 

For example

Top-Up Credit Withdrawal amount if you reach targeted amount Maximum Withdraw
3.5 3.85 7.70 350
10 11 22 1,000
30 33 66 3,000

The maximum amount you can withdraw is 100 times your top-up, not to exceed $15,000.

For those who want to generate income on either four or five way plans in your package, you must top-up at least $3.50 a day, as is stated in ZYRUS WORLD policy. If you do not top-up the minimum amount, you will not receive any income that day.


If you have opened a portfolio to receive daily dividends from ZYRUS DRG JUNKET, regardless of the type, it means that you are automatically qualified to earn an income from every plan.

To top-up without a promotion or other promotions, the top-up amount will not be calculated with your income, but you can top-up or withdraw any amount you want without Turnover. It depends on the promotion you choose. 

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