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I have read, I understand and agree with Zyrus Trade privacy policy.

Remarks: Zyrus Trade provides financial management services for our partners. We do not have the right to make trades for our partners.
In our automatic operation system, partners agree to press the confirmation button themselves after partnering with Zyrus Trade finance manager.

Zyrus Trade works as an IT service provider only. We have created a purchasing platform with an automatic system. Partners place orders with the system. Then the system will process their particular orders.

For our effective online financial management service, Zyrus Trade does not certify any partners’ operations or agreements not made with Zyrus Trade’s website.

Partners shall make the agreements with Zyrus Trade finance manager. Zyrus Trade is not responsible for all cases in which other financial management programs or people use your code to access your account with or without your permission.

(Please keep your code, username, password and email address in a safe place and do not forget them)

We are not responsible for all damages, losses or profit loss, including legal fees, indirectly or directly caused by your decisions and/or not following the finance manager’s advice.

Zyrus Trade does not take responsibility for all losses as trading is done at your own risk.  

Please be informed accordingly,

How to make a trade 

Market Analysis
Analyze market potential and make your decision within 30 seconds. Decide whether the price will be either “up” or “Down”. Please make your decision based on demand and supply volume or the difference between demand and supply.

Trade Volume
The amount of money you allocate to a trade should be based on the difference between demand and supply during that round 

Placing Purchase Order
Please confirm your order (make a trade) within the first 25 seconds each trading round.

ZYRUS TRADE’s rules for earning income 

⦁ If your trades do not total at least 3.5 USD within 24 hours, no income will be earned for that day

0.All packages last 365 days
30 days before your membership expires, the system will send you a notification. 
All partners must extend their contract before the expiration date.
If you do not extend the contract on time, your code will be deactivated. 

If you have opened a portfolio to receive daily dividend from
ZYRUS DRG JUNKET, regardless of the type, it means that you are automatically qualified to earn an income from every plan.

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