Happy New Year 2021 Promotion

1. New Year Promotion 2021

Start  Beginning on January 1, 2021
For ZYRUS WORLD partner members
Win a total prize money of 168,888 usd (4,900,000 baht).

  • Win prizes twice a month
    1st prize worth 32,888 usd (1,000,000 baht) 1 prize
    2nd prize, side prize worth 16,888 usd
    (500,000 baht) 2 prizes
    The prize can be checked from the Thai government lottery.
    1st prize number result
  • Win prizes every day
    Prize worth 1,000 usd (30,000 baht)
    Check the prize from the Hanuay lottery.
    (Choose one of the daily or weekly prizes Per top-up of the daily promotion 1 time)

Award conditions
When adding any daily promotion
Minimum 3.5 usd (100 baht)
Will be eligible to receive 1 set of numbers for free
For example today, add 3.5 usd (100 baht) for a total of 10 times.
You will be entitled to receive 10 free numbers.
Or you fill 35 usd (1,000 baht) total 4 times
You will be entitled to receive 4 free numbers.
The more you fill, the more you are entitled to win a prize.

Check the award at zyrusworld.com

Follow the announcement of the official date and time again at the website.

2. Free giveaway to welcome the new year

Beginning on January 1, 2021

Free Package Starter 10,000 Package
100 packages per day
For 100 persons each $ 10 (300B)
100 days in total
Worth $ 100,000 (3,000,000 baht)
(Digital currency DRG)

People who want to get free codes to make millions.
Press in
LINE @: https://lin.ee/jp0X3P4
Click to apply at the menu below.

1. Click to add friends on @LINE

2. Press Follow YOUTUBE.
– Press Subscribe and press Like and share.

3. Press FACEBOOK friend add: https://bit.ly/3rfHeGE
– Press Like and share in 5 groups
With at least 1,000 friends: https://bit.ly/3aKhfBr

4. Click Add friend
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/zyrusworld

Take screenshots sent to
(lips) Line @ zyrusworld
And send your registered user

For free credit worth 10 usd (300 baht)
You can play any game for 50 usd (1,500 baht) and
Withdrawal 16.5 usd (500 baht) free immediately.
And you can also use this code to earn millions.
With an affiliate AF (Affiliate Marketing) system

**** Time of giving out million money codes and free credit for 100 days from noon to 6:00 pm only.

Free Package Starter 10 $ (approx. 300 baht)
You will be eligible as a Starter.
1.Personal link, expand business
2. Create an organization, receive income in all 7 channels
3. Join a partnership with DRGJunket to receive a daily dividend.
0.3-0.6% per day or 9-18% per month
4. Get the right to play 100% promotion every day.
5. Have the right to win a Hanoi lottery prize distributed every day.
1,000 usd per day (30,000 baht)
6. Get the right to win a million dollar day prize 2 times a month, government lottery
Equals to get the right 6 bounces

Learn more at www.zyrusworld.com



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